Recommended Casinos in South America

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Resistencia, Argentina

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Lima, Peru

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Mar del Plata, Argentina

Casino Clorinda

Clorinda, Argentina

Casino Club Caleta Olivia

Caleta Olivia, Argentina

Casino Club Centenario

Posadas, Argentina

Casino Club Centro

Posadas, Argentina

What Makes South American Casinos Unique?

South America has long had lenient gambling laws, and for this reason, many casinos have always thrived. The continent boasts of having several countries which have first-class land-based casinos, and others that operate pari-mutuel facilities. The different venues include slots, video poker, and dog racing terminals. There are also many lottery games offered by different firms, but all gambling fun is concentrated in Argentina where many top-tier gambling locales are found. One thing that makes the gaming industry in Latin America authentic is the reduced cost of food, refreshments and peripheral entertainment.

Unlike in Las Vegas which is said to be a commercial paradise that charges a top dollar for beverages, accommodation, food, extravaganza and gambling, South American Casinos have adopted a different approach. They have lowered the cost of all gaming essentials to lure players to their fulfilling betting venues. The growth of casinos in Latin America is unparalleled. Significant Developments have taken place on land-based casinos, and this has led to the South American industry being considered as the second best after Asia regarding growth.

The culture in Latin America is unique in the sense that interaction, dance, and passion are intertwined with every little aspect. This has seen many people visit land-based casinos in this region.

Top Gambling Destinations in South America

Casinos in Latin America are enjoying increased popularity and are currently spreading throughout the entire continent. Fancy with culture, flair, and flamboyance, South America is emerging as one of the favorite gambling destinations. It is speculated that the current gaming craze is a result of the serious debates going on in various countries regarding whether land-based casinos are sapping the economies or contributing to them.

One fact we can’t deny is that land based casinos have grown tremendously over the past few years and have played a significant role in increasing the revenues from tourism in many countries in Latin America. The most tenacious gambling countries in South America are Argentina which boasts of 79 casinos and is ranked 6th in the world for the number of casinos in one country. Peru follows closely with 48 casinos and is placed at number 9 on the global list. There are also other countries in South America that are popular for their state-of-the-art hotels and casino resorts including Venezuela, Chile, and Panama.

As much as there are many land based casinos distributed across Latin America, not all countries in this continent have a vibrant gaming industry. Some countries such as Brazil have entirely abolished gambling, and land-based casinos are not that active. However, there are still versatile countries that have streamlined the gaming industry through regulations and are getting real benefits from the venture.


Argentina is considered to be the “Vegas” of South America since it is one of the countries in this region that has a highly developed land-based gambling industry. The country boasts of more than 70 casinos which not only feature modern designs but also come with other entertainment joints such as bars, restaurants, hotels and nightclubs. The reason as to why betting activities have thrived in this country is because the country is divided into 23 provinces and each of the provinces is vested with the power to set their gambling rules. According to Global Gaming Industry Regulatory Frameworks (PwC), gambling activities in Argentina reached $3.5 billion in 2015.   

In general, you will find gambling facilities in 62 cities in Argentina, most of them being casinos and sport betting venues. The city with the highest number of land-based casinos is Pasadas. If you are looking for a first-class casino destination in South America, Argentina will be a good place to start.


Located on the Pacific Coast, Peru has many outstanding features that attract people from all corners of the world. Despite its main attractions being wildlife, Peru’s land-based casinos have grown to become focal tourist attraction centers. Peru prides itself in having more than 48 casinos which are legalized to undertake all their operations by the national government. Many forms of gambling take place in these centers, and they include poker games, lotteries, betting and casino games.

The land-based casinos in Peru occupy large spaces and come with multiple gaming floors, large bars as well as elegant and luxurious restaurants which offer first class services to their customers.


Gambling venues and casinos are quite prevalent in Chile. Chile boasts of having more than 12 land-based casinos which are spread out in over ten cities. Chilean Casinos offer excellent services to both local and international players. The casinos in this country offer players a decent number of table games, slot machines as well as poker games all which feature the latest technologies. Besides the regular casinos, the country also has over six pari-mutuel facilities that provide horse racing and dog tracks 

Chile is a lovely place for any casino players. People from this country are friendly and welcoming. To add to the glitz and glamor, the country has beautiful places to visit, and of course, we can forget the cutting-edge land-based casinos that offer excellent gaming experience.

Although the countries named above contain the most vibrant land based casino destinations, it doesn’t mean that they are the only places that have land-based casinos. There are several other destinations which have one or two vibrant casinos in Latin America. At, we make it our duty to avail to our users a comprehensive list of all casinos in South America. We conduct in-depth research on the amenities in the casino, the number of games offered, and the legal status in their jurisdiction. We use this information to prescribe to our readers those that are above par.