Recommended Casinos in Oceania

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Adelaide, Australia

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Canberra, Australia

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Sydney, Australia

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Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands

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Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands

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Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands

Flemington Racecourse

Flemington, Australia


Oceania is a part of the South Pacific Ocean with a collection of islands that extends to the Southeastern coast of Asia. Oceania is made up of independent countries as well as territories or dependencies of other foreign nations. Oceania's largest countries are Australia, New Zealand, and Papua Guinea. However, there are also other small islands in this region such as Tonga, Fiji, Samoa, Palau and a few others.

Casino gambling in Oceania is spread out over a wide area with the largest countries which are Australia and New Zealand accounting for the most accomplished land based casinos. Oceania has a full blown casino industry with several countries in this region having casinos, pari-mutuel facilities as well as dog and horse racing venues. The region is an utterly delightful gambling zone due to its picturesque islands which harbor a decent variety of state-of-the-art casino resorts.


Being the largest country in Oceania, Australia boasts of fully furnished venues which offer various gambling activities. The country is known for its player's love for pokies and visitors can expect to find a broad array of slot machines. However, it is rare to find a casino with no video poker and table games, so players can be assured that Australian casinos have something for everyone. The Australian industry boasts of having renowned operators such as Crown and Reef who have built a solid reputation of providing authentic games that suit both local and international players.

Casino gambling is legal in Australia as stated in the Country’s Casino Control Act of 2006. However, land-based gambling is further regulated in the different individual states of Australia. Australia has 13 casinos that offer gaming services with the most popular forms of gambling being slot machines and video poker which take up to 75% of all gambling opportunities.

New Zealand

New Zealand is ranked second in this region regarding the number of casinos present. Although the region doesn’t have many casinos like those in Australia, the country boasts of finely crafted gaming venues which can get to grips with gambling services that are at par with the best of what the world has to offer. The country is a first choice destination for Asian visitors something which makes gaming venues in this region feature an electric mix of casino game and entertainment as well as first class VIP facilities.

Under New Zealand’s Gambling Act of 2003, casino gambling is legal. However, the law clearly states that no new land based casinos licenses may be issued; only those casinos authorized under the previous law (the Casino Control Act of 1990) are allowed to continue their operations. There are six licensed gaming venues in New Zealand. Five of these casinos are owned by the SkyCity Entertainment Group which opened its operations in this country in 1996. The SkyCity Group has been the driving force of the New Zealand land-based casino industry, providing authentic gaming products to local and international gamblers.

Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands is a sovereign state which gained its independence in 1976. The state is one of Oceania's favorite tourist destinations due to its spectacular location that boasts of natural islands. As expected, this popular tourist destination has legalized casino gaming and many other forms of gambling. The gambling industry is regulated by Solomon Islands authorities through the Gaming and Lotteries Act, which was enacted in 1961. The act has been amended severally, to lay down a rigid legal framework for licensing of gambling premises and controlling all gambling activities in the region.

Land-based casinos are legal and fully licensed by the Solomon Islands’ authorities. All the physical betting venues are located in major tourist resorts in the state's capital, Honiara. The authorities of this state have regulated the number of casino resorts operation in the country, licensing only two casinos which are both located in the capital.

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is a mountainous region that occupies the eastern half of New Guinea. The state belongs to the Commonwealth of Nations meaning that its head is Queen Elizabeth II who is represented in the island by the Governor General. The region is an excellent tourist attraction zone surrounded by coral reefs and covered by tropical rainforest. Gambling in Papua New Guinea is legal including casinos, lotteries, internet gaming and certain types of machine gaming.

Despite legislators passing the Gaming Control Bill in 2007 to legalize gambling activities such as sports betting, casinos, poker and online gambling, the first land-based casino is yet to be constructed. A Korean company was licensed to build a five-star resort in the state's capital, Port Moresby after the law was passed, but the project stalled in 2011 amid claim of financial challenges.


A land-based casino is a place where beauty and adventure blends to yield a unique and one of a kind experience. Vanuatu is a beautiful destination which sets perfect scenery for gambling and entertainment vacation. Casino resort gambling is legal in Vanuatu and the state boasts of only two state-of-the-art gaming venues which sit perfectly at the heart of the city of Port Villa. This is a most furnished legal gaming city in Vanuatu. The city not only offers a variety of top-notch gambling activities but also an exciting hotel setting for a perfect vacation.

The two casinos in Vanuatu boasts of more than 119 slots machines, a decent variety of table games, restaurants, and shows which provide a memorable experience to both local and international players.


Formerly known as Western Samoa, Samoa is an independent state that has a legal casino gambling industry. All forms of gambling apart from the national lottery were illegal before 2010. However, the lawmakers in this country enacted the Samoa Casino and Gambling Control Act which made gambling legal but laid one of the strictest legal frameworks to tax, control, and monitor all gambling activities in Samoa. The Act also saw the establishment of Samoa Gambling Authority which was mandated to regulate and oversee all gambling activities in this state.

Currently, there is only one casino resort in Samoa since the Gambling Control Authority revoked the license of the other operator, China’s Exhibitions Tourism Group, which was intertwined in corruption allegations.

Although Oceana is made up of 14 states, the rest of the states have not legalized gambling and those who have don't have land-based casinos in operation. Some of the states in Oceana that have legalized casino gambling but don’t have casino resorts in operation include Fiji, Tonga, Kiribati, and Micronesia.

Some states in Oceana have entirely prohibited land-based casino gambling. They include Palau, the Marshall Islands where gambling was banned in 1998, and Tuvalu where the Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1964 warns against operating profit gambling business which apparently covers casinos.