Virginia Senator Introduces Poker Definition Legislation

January 22, 2017 / by: Gray Peterson

Although there are no poker rooms, casinos, lottery games or racing facilities in Virginia, a state Senator has introduced legislation seeking to understand what is considered legal and what is prohibited by the State's gambling law. During a Senate session last week, Senator Louise Lucas tabled the bill, S 1400, to try and clearly define what is legal when it comes to gambling in Virginia.

According to the Senator, the bill will institute proper regulations on the game of poker, detailing that the poker is based on skill, not a game of chance. If poker were categorized as a game of skill, it wouldn't be illegal in Virginia. The bill also comes with a provision which will see the regulation of poker tournaments. However, the poker events will only take place if they adhere to the strict condition and rules set by the bill. The organization of poker tournaments will be monitored and overseen by the State’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Senator Louise Lucas has in the past tried to introduce other gambling bills, but none of those he introduced have been successful. It is reported that the Senator has introduced more than ten draft laws, only for them to fail during the legislative processes. It is, however, seems like the senator is taking a light approach to the matter since he wants an open door discussion on how the state law views gaming. Experts believe that this is a significant step that would see poker become a reality in Virginia.

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