Renowned Casino Operators Slowly Getting Back to China

January 07, 2017 / by: Gray Peterson

After the immediate pulling out of key operators and their marketing efforts from the Chinese gambling market following the arrest of 17 Crown Resort employees in October last year, it seems like 2017 has started on a high note as many gaming operators are reported to be back.

The arrest of Crown employees for alleged gambling related crimes plunged the resort into a deep mess. Its share prices dropped to their lowest, and there were concerns that China might decide to clamp all casino operations.  However, according to an article in the Australian Financial review, it seems like major operators such as Las Vegas Sands Corp, Galaxy Entertainment, and MGM Grand are back in business.

China is known to allow foreign operators engage in sales and marketing operations as long as they stick to promoting their resorts and other non-gaming activities such as tourist attractions, theme parks, and restaurants. AFR reported that several recognized operators have begun hiring staffs for aggressive marketing of their services. Other sources argue that most of the operators are back as they view China as very lucrative market and staying away will see them lose one of the most important market niches.

The AFR further claimed that some operators returned to the Chinese market since they believe that the crackdown was not aimed at marketing activities but was focused on stopping the high rollers in the mainland from taking their monies to casinos in Macau, Australia and other parts of the world.

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