Playtech Makes Incredible Acquisitions in 2016

December 30, 2016 / by: Gray Peterson

Besides being the world’s top provider of Omi-channel gaming products and services, Playtech has occupied a commendable spot as one of the highly active companies in the gaming industry on the acquisition front. 2015 may go down as a resourceful year that saw this Isle of Man-based supplier expand its financial division by acquiring some of the major entities but it seems in 2016, all the company’s attention was focused on improving its gaming business.

The gaming industry has seen vibrant competition in the last decade.  The technological innovations, the regularly changing legal environment and the heightened number of companies venturing into the gaming field have brought a broad array of challenges which both operators and game providers are unable to cope with.

One of the means used by casino operators and developers to deal with the problems is through strategic acquisitions.   Many mergers and acquisition have been witnessed over the past two years particularly on the part of gambling operators.

Playtech is one of the few providers that have managed to acquire various entities in different jurisdictions. This year alone, Playtech has made four acquisition deals. In May 2016, this Isle of Man-based provider bought Quickspin AB, which is a Swedish game development studio. In between the month of July, the company announced that it had purchased Best Gaming Technology (BGT), German self-service betting terminals for a total of €138 million.

Playtech’s third acquisition was in October when they revealed their plans to buy 90% of bingo hardware and software solutions ECM Systems for £14.9 million. Their last purchase which was geared toward strengthening its financial division came in late-November when they acquired 70% stake in Consolidated Financial Holdings A/S.

Indeed, 2016 has arguably been one of the most fruitful years for Playtech.

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