Player Wins £25,000 in Monogram Master Competition

December 23, 2016 / by: Gray Peterson

The increasingly popular Monogram Master Series casino competition came to completion in style with East Bourne man, Carol Thomas clinching the £25,000 top prize.

The nationwide competition is 'by invitation only’ event hosted in the UK by Caesars Entertainment EMEA. Each of the Caesars brand casinos was allowed to provide their VIP players with the opportunity to enter the tournament with a buyout entry fee of £100. They were later to compete for £5,000 worth promotional chip prizes and earn a spot in the finals.

The eight Caesars Casinos from all over the UK brought six players each with Carol entered by the Brighton branch.

The two days event saw the players face the Blackjack tables in the first day and later the Roulette wheel on the following day. The players’ points for the two-day event would then be calculated, and the player with the highest points pronounced as the winner.

Carol said he was excited to take part in the completion but stated that he never thought that he would win. He confirmed that one of his toughest days was the last day since people seemed convinced of who the winner was before he even played the last table of the six tables scheduled for that day. However, Carol said that he remained adamant and gave his last best shot and was in total shock when the Roulette wheel stopped spinning, and he realized that he had won.

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