Pennsylvania Online Gambling Legalization Process Stalls Again

December 23, 2016 / by: Gray Peterson

In what betting experts are terming as the biggest disappointment of 2016, it is back to square one for the Pennsylvania online gambling legalization quest. Even after the legislation seeking to regulate and license online gambling in Pennsylvania received two positive votes in the House, the state Senate has proved to be a major hindrance to overcome, after it allowed the bill to run out of its time.

Despite the first HB2150 and HB1887 receiving House approval which sought to allow land operators in the state and include them as a legit source of the state's revenue, the legislature has failed to approve the measure before the elapse of its timeline.

This means that the process needs to start afresh next year and this round without the presence of the vocal and outspoken Gaming Oversight Committee Chairman, John Payne, who is now retired.

When speaking to Online Poker Report Wednesday, Representative Rosita Youngblood grieved the loss of opportunity, stating that the Senate has failed to bring to life an important revenue source which would have helped bridge the budget gap through taxes and legal fees.

Debunking claims from Senator Robert Tomlinson who argued that regulating online gambling would harm the existing land-based casino businesses, she pointed out that licensing and regulating online gaming would go a long way to ensuring optimal consumer protection. There several interesting perspectives from politicians in Pennsylvania, but all online gaming enthusiast in Pennsylvania and the world as a whole are waiting to see what will happen next year.

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