Nominated US Attorney General Bad News for Online Gambling

January 13, 2017 / by: Gray Peterson

The issue about the legalization of online gambling in the US seems to be facing yet another stumbling block after the sentiments echoed by the vocal iGaming opponent, Senator Jeff Sessions, who was nominated to be the Attorney General of the US by President-elect Donald Trump. During the confirmation hearing on Tuesday, Alabama Senator, Jeff Session said that he did not concur with the previous interpretation of America’s Federal Wire Act and he would revisit the issue soon.

The US department of justice in 2011 ruled that the Federal Wire Act which came into action in 1961, was solely based on the federal prohibition of sport betting activities and the legalization of iGaming should be the responsibility of individual states. The previous interpretation of the law considered all forms of remote gambling illegal.

During the Tuesday hearing session, Senator Lindsey Graham, a staunch opponent of online gambling, asked his counterpart Senator Sessions to voice his opinion on the 2011 reversal of the law. The senator replied to the fellow lawmaker saying that he opposed the 2011 ruling made by the Department of Justice, and now that he will be heading the department, he will be revisiting the matter and will make a decision after a thorough study is carried out.

The nomination of Senator Sessions for the Attorney General post may be bad news for lobbyists of online gambling especially if he will think of re-introducing the Restoration of America’s Wire Act which has been circling the corridors of powers for years.

However, it is too early to panic since a measure like this one won’t go well with states where online gaming is legal and also in those that are in the process of doing the same. These states will not accept to give up without a fight.

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