New Bill Set To Change the Face of Australian Online Gambling Industry

November 22, 2016 / by: Gray Peterson

The Australian government recently amended the gaming laws in the country rendering the online gaming companies dumbstruck. As the world was busy watching the presidential election of Donald Trump in America, the Australian Federal government, and the ministers were busy writing the law that will help curb problems arising from online gambling.

This 2016 Interactive Gambling Bill which has been under review for almost a year requires that “illegal” offshore operators possess certain qualifications. Failure to meet these essential requirements will see the new legislation impose hefty fines to such betters. However, most UK and Irish betting sites operate legally under Northern Territory Licenses.

On Thursday, the Minister for Human Services, Alan Tudge who had vowed since April to introduce the legislation, filed the infamous Interactive Gambling Bill 2016. The bill (which you can view here), is one of the three measures the Australian government has sworn to take in order review the online sports betting sites. Others include crackdown of international licensed operators and imposition of National Consumer Protection Framework (NCPF)and the banning of all in play applications.

In an interview with The Guardian, Minister Tudge said that the law aims at making sure online wagers meets community expectations. He also mentioned that the legislation would protect vulnerable Australians from offshore providers.

The Australian government adopts 11 strategies to help eradicate gambling problem in the country. One of these strategies includes an online self-exclusion register. If players are prone to gambling or start to show signs of addiction, they can voluntarily exclude themselves from gambling sites.

The government also plans to start a pre-commitment scheme which some ministers feel should be compulsory rather than optional.

Some gambling operators are known to offer credit to customers. This matter was discussed by government officials at the Friday meeting, and it was passed that such practices will be completely illegalized within Australia.

Gambling companies are allowed to offer credit lines to customers. This freedom has led to some players betting until they run bankrupt. To control gambling and provide a safer betting environment, Minister Tudge said that operators would be prohibited from acting as banks.

Ban on credit lines bill was first introduced by Senator Nixon Xenophon but has never been approved until now. The approval is, therefore, viewed as a significant achievement by the Australian lawmakers.

The country’s gambling law has some inadequacies which operators frequently explored and exploited for years. Earlier in the month, Mr. Tudge introduced a bill that calls for the implementation of that law to make it stricter o the offshore gambling companies.

Sports betting is the only online gambling allowed by the country’s law. Betting during a sports event is prohibited, however, through in call app, operators have found loopholes that help them avoid the ban.

Once the bill is passed into law, all foreign online gaming companies will be needed to get a permit to work in Australia. Otherwise; their business will be deemed illegal in which case they will face prosecution.

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