Massachusetts to Consider Online Gaming Regulation in 2017

January 12, 2017 / by: Gray Peterson

Massachusetts is the latest state in the US that expected to debate on the legalization of online poker after a State Treasurer Deborah Goldberg pledged to introduce a measure seeking to legalize iGaming.

Reports from the Sun Chronicle newspaper indicate that Goldberg stated that the legislation will help to prop up the local lottery market which is estimated to be worth $1 billion (€943.7).

The State Treasurer, however, explained that her efforts would not be affiliated with the state-backed study into casinos, which involve a Special Commission on Online Gaming, Daily Fantasy Sports and Fantasy Sports Gaming that has until August this year to submit their recommendations on how the government of Massachusetts should approach table and slot games.

In her testimony at a legislative hearing, Deborah Goldberg stated that the expansion of casino operations in other territories and the ever growing fantasy sports in the region. The overall shift from physical transactions to online as well as the diminishing lottery demographics should be enough reasons to sway the state to pursue other new solutions to ensure that they tap into unutilized local gambling markets.

Goldberg further added that although Massachusetts leads in sales of Keno, the market for this kind of games is virtually saturated and it is up to the state to find other solution before the onset of the period of Keno stagnation.

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