GIG Secures Class 4 Remote License from MGA

December 28, 2016 / by: Gray Peterson

One of the leading gaming service providers, Gaming Innovation Group Inc, has received a Class 4 Remote Gaming License from Malta Gaming Authority for its subsidiary, Betting Cloud Ltd. This is a business-to-business supplier license which will allow the company and its affiliates to deliver its sports betting products to other licensed operators.

When commenting about the group’s newly acquired license, Chief Executive Officer at Gaming Innovation Group, Robin Reed, described this as a significant milestone which will transform the company’s sports betting vertical entirely. He confirmed that Gaming Innovation group will still diversify and delve into several other iGaming categories and further explained that they were currently tapping into their long-term accrued energies to offer excellent gaming services.

About Gaming Innovation Group

Gaming Innovation Group is an interactive entertainment and gambling solution provider based in Malta, which boasts of having its operations in many countries around the globe. The group provides its clients with a vast array of services which include cloud-based services, business to business performance marketing as well as a business-to-consumer gaming operator that aids in the provision of Qualitative gaming solutions to their consumers. After receiving the Class 4 Remote Gaming License from Malta Gaming Authority, the group is expected to extend its offering into the gambling market as well as cement its position as market leader in the provision of top-notch gaming services.

The group is scheduled to launch the German facing operator which will be the first operator under the new license issued to Betting Cloud. This company which is an affiliate of the Gaming Innovations Group signed a platform deal with this German-based company early this year, and the portal of is supposed to launch before the end of this year. However, the formal commercial launch is scheduled to be finalized before the end of the first quarter of 2017.

At the moment, the company is focusing its undivided attention on developing a technology that can produce proprietary odds using its affiliate OddModel AS. On its part; BettingCloud brand is expected to launch its sports betting services and host them in the coming year. The technology being developed will then be commercialized in 2017 and later integrated into the BettngCloud platform. This will provide a broad category of content services, trading and risk management tool, odds feed and a complete betting engine.

Since BettingCloud is fully licensed to offer its full potential of gaming services, it is expected that they will start offering more high-quality gaming services to various legit operators across the world. The fact that they will also have the GIG proprietary technology at their disposal is a guarantee that the brand’s services will keep on improving.

Robin Reed, who is GIG’s Chief Executive, hinted that the group had a lot of plans for the incoming year, stating that finally, the company’s efforts will pay off.

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