Cyprus to Host its First Gaming Show

January 15, 2017 / by: Gray Peterson

One of the highly recognized organizers of gaming events in Africa, Eventus International, has announced that they will be having their first show in Cyprus from May 8th to 9th. The show which is expected to be held in Kaya Artemis Resort and Casino located in Barfa, North Cyprus is supposed to provide operators with emerging opportunities in the iGaming and land-based industries.

The Cyprus Gaming Tradeshow and Conference will take place at a time when the global gaming market which is growing steadily and is expected to hit US $635 billion by 2022. Northern Cyprus is considered by many operators and gaming investors as the gateway to the gambling markets of Russia, Western Europe, Turkey and the Middle East. Regulators, attorneys, software and technology companies, investors, media and payment solution providers who understand that iGaming and the general gambling market is a dynamic and evolving field, are expected to attend this show in the quest to stay ahead of the curve.

The Cyprus gaming show will see a presentation on matters relating to anti-money laundering, responsible gambling and keeping gaming crime free being presented. The show will also discuss various measures to be utilized to maintain global competitiveness in the regularly changing Eastern Mediterranean Gaming Landscape. Experts will also air insights on how to stay abreast with technological advancements which meet customer expectations in the show. Attendees will also debate on radical measures which can be adopted to ensure that online operators deliver fantastic Omni-channel experience to players.

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