Casino Bill Goes to Japan Upper House

December 07, 2016 / by: Gray Peterson

On Tuesday, a bill that sought the legalization of gambling in Japan was passed by the country’s legislature Lower House. According to the Japanese Diet spokesman, the bill has now been forwarded to the country’s Upper House.

Before the Diet adjourns on December 14th, the lawmakers are expected to take advantage of the impulse the bill has earned to pass before recess.

On Friday, the Lower House Committee had passed a proposal that paved way for actual voting for the bill on Tuesday. Analysts predict that the Liberal Democratic Party led by Shinzo Abe, the Japanese Premier, stands a better chance of garnering enough support from the party’s members as well as from those of Komeito, its coalition partner, to win against the opposition in the Upper House vote.

What Chances of Passing does the Bill Have?

There is no certainty, however, in the results of the bill’s outcome. This is because there’s more involved in the voting than just the members of the LDP and the Komeito. For one, the Communist and the Democratic parties are participating in the voting having previously shown their lack of support for legalization of casino gambling in the country.

A local Yomiuri newspaper carried out a poll and surprisingly enough, the results revealed that 57% of the interviewed citizens were against the legalization of gambling in Japan while only 34% supported it.  

Word has it that if the legislators manage to pass the bill before the end of the current legislation period, Japan could see the first casino established by 2020’s, possibly by 2023 to be more specific.

The proposed gambling casino bill was launched years ago, but it has never made any significant progress to date. However, many feel that the law has never made any bigger impact than it has in the recent proceedings. Passing this bill will lay the foundation for a multi-phase legislation process. Once it passes, another law underlying the regulations under which casinos will be run will have to be approved before any construction commences.

The Prospect of the Japanese Gambling Market

In the wake of the bill, a major Las Vegas-based operator, Caesars Entertainment, has indicated its interest in collaborating with the establishment of the country’s gambling industry. From the look of it, the operator and many others seem to shift their focus on Japan and Brazil as part of their expansion strategies.

Considering the much success other forms of gambling have recorded in Japan coupled by its wealthy residents and the country’s proximity to China, Japan is expected to be another highly sought-after gambling jurisdiction.

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