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When gamblers think of casinos, a majority only envision them being located in popular cities such as Las Vegas, Macao, Monte Carlo among many others. These are hugely famous cities that exude certain traditions and culture which compliment perfectly with gambling.

However, against this notion lies a gem in a relatively quiet spa town found at the foothills of the popular Germany’s Black Forest. This is the Casino Baden-Baden which is not only one of the most popular destinations for gamblers visiting Europe but also one of the oldest of its kind in Germany.

A Brief History of Casino Baden-Baden

Built in 1824 by the renowned Friedrich Weinbrenner, Casino Baden-Baden is based in the small spa town of Baden-Baden which is known for licensing gambling over 260 years ago (1748). The casino is designed in the fashion and style borrowed from the French royal palace. Initially, it was named Kurhaus before changing ownership in 1848 after which it was redecorated in the more modern neo-Baroque Grand Epoch style. For the next few decades, this facility was able to attract top musicians and artists to perform there. Indeed, with its rising fame and popularity among stars, Marlene Dietrich, a German-born Hollywood star of the 1930s, once described it as the “most beautiful casino in the world”.

Unfortunately, Casino Baden-Baden suffered a huge setback after the Prussians banned all activities related to gambling across the German Empire in 1872 which prompted its closure. It was not until 1933 that it was reopened. During this time of inactivity, another of the world’s most respected gambling havens, Casino de Monte Carlo, was able to thrive to become the popular spot it is today.

Casino Baden-Baden was again closed down in 1944 following the WWII and was only reopened for the final time on April 1, 1950.

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  • Table Games: 18
  • Self Parking: yes
    Gaming Machines: 144
  • Casino sq/ft: 2,200
    Valet: no
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Dorint Maison Messmer Baden-Baden


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Food and Beverages
The Grill at baden

Boasting a stylish setting and classic elements that blend perfectly with the typical colors and elegance of Casino Baden-Baden, The Grill is a perfect eatery to enjoy both Sushi and beef specialties.

While here, you will be served a range of exquisite dishes that range from scallops, French fine de Claire oysters, sashimi, and many others including the Canadian lobster with truffle spinach.

You’ll hardly find any other destination in Germany that matches the kind of dining experience you get at The Grill.

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Known for serving high quality Mediterranean and other different types of international cuisines all year round, this restaurant is another perfect joint where you can enjoy fantastic meals when visiting Casino Baden-Baden. And as the name suggests, you will even get more of the Sommergaten during summer when it finally opens its terrace; an amazing environment to help you take a break away from the hustles and bustles of the casino grounds.

  • +49 7221 30240
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Activities and Services
Club Bernstein at Casino Baden-Baden

As the night falls and weekend beckons, Club Bernstein at the Casino Baden-Baden helps cheer up this small town in Germany. Indeed, the club has grown tremendously in popularity to become one of the most sought-after party venue here. With a notable credo “Living the Good Life”, you can expect to take away your stress and cheer up any time you visit this exceptionally cozy lounge. It’s very stylish and boasts an extravagant décor which helps it lend this casino and the town in general a casual party flair.

Want to mingle and rub shoulders with world renowned celebrities, sportspeople, and business moguls? Then don’t miss to visit this hugely popular spot any time you’re visiting Casino Baden-Baden.

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This is the oldest spa in the Casino Baden-Baden. While its hay days may well be behind it, its French styling and classical architectural designs still stand. Additionally, you will really love wandering along its elegant corridors and halls as you also admire its immaculately maintained lush gardens.

Like many other casino resorts around Europe and the world by extension, Casino Baden-Baden does not boast of its own accommodation facilities. Fortunately, with Baden-Baden being a top historical tourist hotspot, you can be sure you won’t have any problem finding a worthy hotel or guest house after leaving this resort.

Besides, it’s important to mention that The Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport is only a few minutes’ drive from this casino.

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