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Nestled in a massive complex in Lisbon city, Portugal, Casino Lisboa is one of the most beautiful landmarks in Europe. This facility, which is designed in a minimalistic architecture, exudes shinny luminance of glass wall and floors that merge to form a grandeur complex. Casino Lisboa is a property of Estoril-Sol who also the own and operate the Grand Lisboa in Macau, China.

Located in Parque das Naceos at the site of the Expo’98, Casino Lisboa is an entertainment and leisure complex characterized by a diverse array of shows, games, culture and cuisine. Opening its doors on April 19th, 2006, this three-story casino complex transformed Lisbon City to becoming one of Portugal’s most popular world-class tourist destinations. Casino Lisboa offers a broad array of amenities including premium accommodation, a world-class casino, gourmet restaurants, rotating bars, and the grand Oceans Auditorium.

This facility offers a total of 295 rooms which provide a relaxed ambiance, panoramic views of Lisbon City, high-end room furnishing, and bathroom amenities. Featuring a classy, modern décor, it also offers all the comforts and services you expect to find in a 5-star hotel. You will find an elegant outdoor swimming pool, a restaurant, a bar, and a spa & wellness center.

Casino Lisboa also features a fully-fledged casino offering more than 1,000 slots and 22 gaming tables. Occupying two floors, this casino offers its visitors an extensive collection of casino games accompanied by intuitively designed interiors that add to the amazing atmosphere in the gaming space. The complex is also popular for hosting major shows in their more than 600-seat Ocean Auditorium. There are also weekly live performances held in its stylishly designed bars.

Unlike many casinos around the world, Casino Lisboa bets on the younger generation with its contemporary ambiance and minimalistic architecture. You also don’t have to conform to a particular dress code or pay an entrance fee when visiting here.

Casino Details
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  • Table Games: 26
  • Self Parking: yes
    Gaming Machines: 1100
  • Casino sq/ft: 65,000
    Valet: yes
  • Opening Hours:
    • 24/7
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Food and Beverages
Café do Rio

Having affiliations with the Hamburgueria Gourmet located in Lisbon downtown, Café do Rio is a fantastic dining location that’s popular for offering a diverse fare that appeals to people of all ages. Opening into a vast room that is adorned with exquisite decorations and a laidback atmosphere, Café do Rio serves some of the best homemade burgers and pizzas. Indeed, these two have been the facility’s signature servings since the establishment of its first brand Hamburgueria Gourmet in 2008.

The first cuisine you can enjoy here is the homemade pizza with three distinct dough (spinach, tomato, and the conventional one), topped with products sourced only from Portugal. The other one is the hearty hamburgers prepared with organic beef known as the “Abundant Burger.” The café also features a wine cellar with brilliantly selected red wine collection. All products served here, with the exception of ice creams, are prepared in their kitchen.

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Hua Ta Li

Located on the second floor of Casino Lisboa, Hua Ta Li Chinese Restaurant provides a calm oasis away from the noise of the gaming tables. Elegantly adorned with a unique interior décor and white tablecloths, this restaurant offers delicious Chinese cuisine served with great precision and professionalism.

Being the only private restaurant in the casino, Hua Ta Li provides confined dining rooms with comfortable chairs and spacious tables. This makes the place a great destination for those who want to dine in an intimate and private setting. Visitors are welcomed by the distinctive aromas that extend beyond the restaurant location. You will also find tasty Chinese dishes here including large cabbage spring rolls, shrimp dumplings, sizzling chicken, and noodles among several others. Hua Ta Li Chinese Restaurant opens from 7 pm to 11 pm daily, meaning that they only serve dinner

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Buffet Clube IN At Casino Lisboa

Located on the casino gaming floor, Buffet Clube IN is a superb venue that serves guests with a wholesome meal for little or no cost. Usually, Casino Liboa gifts its players with reward cards which are tracked in real time every time you use them on a slot machine or table game. As such, every wager you make in the casino earns you free points that you can use to buy a delicious buffet. A meal goes for €15 in the Buffet Clube but if you have 100 points, you can purchase the same for €10 only. You need 1,500 points to dine free of charge in the casino.

  • +321 21 466 7700
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Atrio Casino Buffet

Like many of its brands in the different part of the world, Atrio Casino Buffet exudes a minimalistic style that highlights the ambiance and comfort of its dining space. Serving an innovative internationally-inspired cuisine, this restaurant prepares dishes using ingredients sourced from both local and offshore markets. Sample some of the restaurant’s signature wine attic featuring over 2,000 drinks from all over the world. With its global cuisine, the intimate dining room and exceptional service, Atrio is the perfect spot for private dinners, wine pairings, and group diners. Visit Atrio Casino Buffet and taste the different cuisines that the world has to offer.

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Baccarat Bar

Offering a dual view of the casino and its surrounding, Baccarat Bar provides the ultimate sophistication of an accomplished casino bar. Visit the bar and enjoy an exotic medley of Martinis, light snacks, and an extensive list of specialty drinks. Besides, enjoy the evening breeze as you sip Baccarat’s perfectly prepared cocktail while viewing the live action on the casino tables.

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Voyeur Bar

If you’re looking for a perfect night escape at Casino Lisboa, Voyeur bar is one of Lisbon’s most popular bars. From the moment you step in here, you’ll be amazed by its intricately furnished walls, bold LED lights, and a diverse music selection played by highly-skilled DJs. Expect to also marvel at various performances by renowned Portuguese bands and artists.

Other bars include Casino Lx, Joker Bar and Play Bar.

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Joker Bar

Tired of playing at the casino but still want to enjoy watching others as they play at the tables? Joker Bar at Casino Lisboa is the spot you need to pay a visit. Known for its sophisticated ambiance and warm staff, this bar is one of the most relaxing venues that you don’t want to miss checking out while at this casino. It has a designated area for smokers and free Wi-Fi. Its rustic décor and photo decorations give it a typical European bar feel. Visit this joint at the end of your gaming time at Lisboa and relax while having your favorite drink.

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Play Bar

Looking for a venue where you can take a break from the hustles and bustles of the gaming floor while at Casino Lisboa? Consider checking out the Play Bar. This is a well-stocked bar where you will find various types of exotic drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. The bar, which is located on the ground floor of this magnificent casino, has two fronts. On one end, it faces the Arena Lounge while the other offers views of the slot machines. As you can imagine, Play Bar offers a very convenient venue to visit especially for lovers of slot games.

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The Kitchen

Bringing the new concept of the modern steakhouse to Macau, The Kitchen serves some of the best meat chops from different parts of the world. Located on the 3rd floor of Grand Lisboa, this eatery features high-quality Japan beef, US prime beef, Wagyu from Australia and Dutch veal. It also serves plenty of seafood selections including lobsters and fresh fish drawn from their water tank. The Kitchen has an elegant open-style kitchen where diners can view as the meals are prepared. Complete your main meal with entrée selections from salad buffet and delectable homemade desserts to delicious sushi from The Kitchen’s sushi bar.

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Activities and Services
Arena Lounge

Sitting deep within Casino Lisboa complex is the Arena Lounge, a premium entertainment venue that showers visitors with tremendous performances, both local and international. This lounge features three rotating rings, an elegant table seating, and three performance stages. It’s known for offering non-stop entertainment with performances from popular artists and dancers, to random appearances by choreographers and acrobats. The highlight of this joint, however, is the advanced multimedia projections which cover the entire stage and relay a live feed of what is happening on the three stages to the giant screens covering more than 200 hundred square meters.

Arena Lounge also features a bar and a café which serve guests with a wide array of items ranging from light snacks and pizza to ice cream and freshly prepared cocktails. You won’t get bored while here because even when live performances come to a halt, top VJs and DJs take up the mantle to stage mind-blowing music broadcasted live on the giant screens in the arena.

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Oceanos Auditorium

With a seating capacity of more than 600 people, the Oceanos Auditorium has become an important pillar of the Portuguese culture. This is because it features various traditional and new era performances including dances, opera, rock concerts, and theater. Indeed, this auditorium acts as a gateway to international performances in Lisbon.

Oceanos Auditorium has two authentic features that help to distinguish it from the rest. The first one is the presence of a removable backdrop which allows guest to vividly view the floors as gamblers battle it out in the gaming machines and tables. The second feature is the presence of a retractable ceiling which allows spectators to enjoy the panoramic view of the sky. Since opening its doors in 2006, Oceanos has seen hundreds of performers (both local and international) gracing its stage. Some of the notable entertainers who’ve held concerts here include Carlos do Carmo, Natalie Choquette,  Mariza, Rodrigo Leão,  José Pedro Gomes, Antonio Márquez,  Ney Matogrosso, and Barbara Hendricks among others.

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Casino Lisboa Art Gallery

Since its inception on April 19th, 2006, Casino Lisboa Art Gallery has premiered as a word renowned art exhibition center, hosting tens of contemporary artistic work by artists from all over the world. For example, this gallery is known for its exhibition of creative works and culturally treasures of artists such as Fernando Botero, Antony Gormley, and Alexander Calder. It’s also known for displaying the popular Chinese sculpture from the Berardo Collection.

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Swimming pool, Spa and Wellness Center

Although Casino Lisboa doesn’t have any of these facilities on their premises, guests can easily access them in the VIP Grand Lisboa located a few meters away. Lucia Piloto manages the Spa services in the hotel although they come at an extra cost. However, those visiting Casino Lisboa are able to access this swimming pool for free.

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