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Casino de Monte Carlo is a world-class destination that stands out for its sheer opulence and appealing atmosphere which exudes extravagance and wealth. After opening its doors in 1963, the casino continues to astound visitor and gamblers from all over the globe. It is located in the heart of Monte-Carlo district, one of the districts of the principality of Monaco. This exciting destination has not only seen the Royal and the mighty pass through its doors but also has been used in many films including GoldenEye, Ocean Twelve, Never say Never Again and CBS Climax’s Casino Royal episode.

While the Casino has seen immense transformations over the years, it still exudes the classical feel with its architectural designs and the general property arrangement. The venue features some of the world’s fantastic amenities including the historic gambling and entertainment complex that houses a restaurant, theater, garden and the opera &ballet house, beautiful harbors, the famous palatial de Paris Monte Carlo hotel, an outdoor pool and welcoming rooms that blend contemporary luxury and comfort with classical styles.

Casino de Monte Carlo Monaco has grown to become one of the highly respected destinations for the wealthy and famous. Indeed, this has seen it host some of the most glamorous events including the annual European Poker Tour Grand Final as well as the famous annual Grand Prix Race.

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  • Table Games: 140
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    Gaming Machines: 56
  • Casino sq/ft: 108,000
    Valet: yes
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Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo


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Food and Beverages
Le Louis XV – Alain Ducasse a l’Hotel de Paris

This is one of the restaurants located at the Hotel de Paris which offers infinite blends of Mediterranean cuisines. Expect to find various aromas and flavor in this three Michelin star restaurant. You will also enjoy various shows including the favorite “gourmet journeys” by Alain Ducasse. The restaurant serves both modern era food and traditional dishes. A majority of the new era foods primarily feature the use of sauces and fresh juice, fresh spices, condiments, as well as several other aromatic broths.

  • +377 98 06 88 64
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Le Train Bleu

Exuding a style and décor that reminisces the days of “Belle Epoque,” La Train Blue invites visitors to dine in another era. Just a few steps from the Casino de Monte Carlo gaming rooms entrance, this restaurant takes you back in time with its ambiance as you enjoy the tasty and specially prepared Italian dishes. You can enjoy the scenic view of Monte Carlo Casino Square when at this restaurant. They also provide a bonus menu which offers dishes such as Perugina sausages, Pan-Fried Langoustines, and cocoa bean stew served with Porcini mushroom risotto and parsley.

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Les Privés

At the heart of Monte Carlo Casino is Les Privés, an eye-catching joint with a comfy, luxurious and elegant setting where you can enjoy your favorite French gourmet cuisine without leaving the gaming rooms. The restaurant also provides an incredible view of famous hotspots such as the Mediterranean and Cap-Martin. It is also known that the restaurant can be booked upon request for private engagements during certain periods of the year.

It should be noted that since the restaurant is located in the casino, all customers who want to dine there must be over 18 years of age and should dress appropriately.

  • +377 98 06 22 76
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Cote Jardin

Located inside the lavish Hotel de Paris, this garden restaurant offers tasty foods rich in flavors of the south. These include popular foods such as Grilled beef filet, Back of bass ratatouille, Sole Meunier and a decent collection of wines from the province. The restaurant allows an excellent view of the palm trees, harbor, sea and the famous Rock of Monaco. Cote Jardin’s services are available daily for the entire year. They serve breakfast buffet between 7:30 am, and 11 am and delicious lunch from 1 pm to 3 pm. However, it closes quite early meaning you won’t find dinner here.

  • +377 98 06 39 39 or +377 98 06 59 13
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The Grill

Serving sophisticated cuisine from the Southern part of France, Le Grill is arguably the best venue for all amazing dishes from past to the present. Some of their dishes include Herb crusted rack of Sister on Lamb, Scallops and the great soufflé dessert that has been on the menu since 1898. Le Grill is located on the top of the Hotel de Paris in Monaco and overlooks the sea and the Principality.

This venue provides a breathtaking panoramic view of the sea. Its roof is designed in a way that it opens up during summer months thereby giving visitors one of the most beautiful sky views on French Riviera.

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Salle Empire and Terrace

This legendary room at the heart of Hotel de Paris has been a formidable setting for more than 150 years. Even though the gourmet restaurant used to open in the summer some years ago, it is now official that they will be offering their authentic Mediterranean cuisine all year round. Their elegant dishes include Delice au citron, Foie gras d’ oie des Landes, fins poireaux, sorbet citron vert, croustillant d’ Angria and Turbot cotier dore Meunier.

The Grand Salle Empire and terrace feature intricate-fashioned ceilings and offers various receptions and banquets throughout the year. The venue’s beautiful terraces overlook the Place du Casino.

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Salle Empire

After renovations which are ongoing till 2018, an elegantly designed lounge in Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo was made available for hosting galas and events. The Salle Empire measures 500 square meters and can accommodate up to 250 persons at a time.

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Le Salon Rose

For intimate culinary experience, the Salon Rose restaurant is the perfect venue. This restaurant is a modern boudoir that provides a scenic view of the Mediterranean. It serves Mediterranean-inspired dishes and has prestigious terraces for better sunny days. Le Salon Rose is a place where art and gastronomy meet. It used to be a point where smokers came together to puff some cigarettes something that inspired renown Italian artist Massimiliano Galleli to paint the sensational nudes which he named “Les Fumeuses” (The Smokers).

Le Salon Rose offers its services from 12 pm daily, closes at 6 pm and then resumes work from 7 pm till midnight.

  • +377 98 06 24 05
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Activities and Services
Monte-Carlo Beach Club

Monte-Carlo Beach Club provides a vast array of outdoor recreational activities including water sports such squash, seawater swimming, and boat riding. The club also has other amenities which include fitness and wellness center, gym and a tennis pitch.

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Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo

Located at the core of Monte-Carlo Beach Club is Thermes Marins, a health and wellness center that measures more than 75,347 square feet. With the wellness center featuring innovative and latest Techno-gym equipment coupled with its relaxed ambiance and comfort, this venue offers an excellent getaway to unwind and release your tension and stresses. Guests have a wide array of choices and packages to pick from including 30 treatment rooms and massages. Various kinds of massages are offered including Thai massages, Deep-tissue massages, Swedish massages and hot stone massages.

Other beauty services such as reflexology, hairstyling, hydrotherapy and barber services are also provided. There’s also an Aqua Fitness Center for more relaxing treatments and exercises.

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Monte-Carlo Golf Club

This is a vitally expansive golf course that extends from the mountains to the French Riveria. It was opened on November 16, 1911 and is located 860 meters above sea level. The golf course exhibits all the attributes of a perfect game field although its rolling terrain means that players need to observe extreme precision while enjoying the game.

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Shopping in Casino de Monte-Carlo

Monaca is indisputably a renowned luxury capital and thus it’s not a surprise that many of the leading names in the fashion industry have set up their shops in this principality. Casino Monte Carlo has its fair share of some of the world’s leading brands. For example, just a short distance from the venue is the Boulingrins Gardens, a one-stop destination for all your shopping needs. In addition, you’ll love the Monte-Carlo Pavilions which consist of five rightly pebble-shaped spaces large enough to house more than 25 shops.

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Bar Salle Europe

In the Salle Europe gaming room that is located between Salle des, Ameriques and Renaissance is Bar Salle Europe, a unique space where games are played as drinks and refreshments are served from one area. Bar Salle Europe pleasantly adorned with beautiful features such as the other rooms in the casino. It has wonderful paintings and beautiful ceilings that are completed with crystal chandeliers that revisit the Beaux Art style. The Bar Salle Europe opens its doors from 2 pm, and you can watch all the main sporting events on the big HD TVs placed at different positions in the room.

  • +377 98 06 21 21
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Bar Salle Blanche

Just off Salle Touzet Nord & Sud and Ameriques is Salle Blanche, a venue that was originally designed as a social lounge. This venue is one of the favorite spots in Casino de Monte-Carlo owing to its excellent furnish, fine paintings and a one-of-kind interior atmosphere.

It includes a unique mosaic bar where visitors can get an after dinner drink while watching as players battle it out on the tables. Besides this space having more gaming tables, it offers guest a rare view of the sea. All individuals getting into this space must be 18 years and above. It opens at 7 pm.

  • +377 98 06 24 00
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Bar des Prives

At the heart of the expansive Salle Medecin, gaming room is Bar des Prives a well-furnished bar where guest can enjoy drinks of their choice as they relax. While here, you’ll be able to marvel at the panoramic view of Cap Martin. This venue opens at the same time as the private gaming rooms. To enter Bar de Prives, you must be at least 18 years of age.

  • +377 98 06 21 21
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Le Bar American

This is a pristine location that opens from 10:30 am to 2 am daily. Housed by Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo, this comfy and calm venue has fantastic view points for the sea, delicious snacks served from noon to 1 am and a live jazz event for the entire week except on Thursdays. The ambiance and general atmosphere of this venue are ideal for evening relaxing or intimately long conversations.

You will enjoy the performances of various talented artists as you enjoy the tasty drinks and refreshments offered at this venue. Join the Bar America daily from 10:30 am to 2 am.

  • +377 98 06 38 38
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Opera de Monte-Carlo

Standing as one of the iconic and unique attractions of the Casino Monte Carlo is Opera de Monte-Carlo. The opera hall was opened in 1879 and was named as the Salle Garnier after its designer, Charles Garnier. This building continues to exude the boldness and status of a world heritage.

The Opera stands as one of the highly sought-after venues for hosting some of the world’s best shows and events. This has seen it witness some of the biggest names in the showbiz including Jules Massenet, Sara Bernhardt, and several others.

The Opera de Monte-Carlo has fought tooth and nail to ensure that it maintains its tradition of supporting creativity and cultural avant-garde. With the excellent acoustics and designs from Charles Garnier, the audience can enjoy a repertoire of acts from musicians, actors and actresses and other creative geniuses. Its magical setting that is highlighted by the decorations which combine various architectural designs makes this event hall a unique venue.

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