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A Brief History of Land-Based Casinos

It is believed that gambling has been around through the human history from the time of ancient Romans and Greeks. Ancient people played the games of throwing dices in enclosed places and staked real money on the outcome. Due to the entertaining nature and the sense of risk associated with gambling, it became prominent in the post-Tudor Europe and the first structure which would be described as a land-based casino was established in Venice, Italy somewhere around 1638. However, the casino was closed after 32 years amid claims from people that its primary purpose was to deplete the riches of local elites slowly.

After this initial rumbling spawned a robust industry that has significantly become bigger and better. Many attribute its fast growth to the migration of the old world to America as new gaming venues started popping up every settlement in the 18th, 19th and 20th century. It is after this that gambling became what it is right now; a worldwide network which has become the love of many.

Currently, land based casinos are luxurious with impressive interior designs, comfortable gaming conditions, and excellent service delivery. At CasinoLineup.com, we go through an exhaustive process of looking into most land based casinos around the world and compile a comprehensive list of the most attractive places you can play at for real money. We bring you in-depth reviews of some of the best land-based casinos around the globe providing you with a chance to choose a casino that resonates well with your particular needs.

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Gambling online? You’re in the right place. On Casinoo.com we only list those casinos that offer top online gambling experience. Check out those casinos that provide great bonuses and promotions, tight security for its users, thrilling gaming experience, excellent customer service, quick cash outs, mobile gambling platforms and a broad selection of games.

Worldwide Casino Directory & Casino Guide - Questions & Answers

In this section, we discuss some of the commonly asked questions we get here at Casinoo.com regarding land-based casinos. In case you feel we’ve not covered your queries, please feel free to contact us, and we’ll add them to the list.

Suiting land-based casinos

Which land-based casino suits me?

For starters, the best land-based casino is geographically convenient or accessible by you. This facility should also be reputable, licensed by authorities, and safe for wagering money. It should also have instructors ready to help you on casino games that you’re unfamiliar with. It’s always wise to conduct a prior background check of the casino you interested in to ascertain whether it satisfies the above mentioned qualities or others falling within your list of preferences. Luckily for you, we’ve provided you with unbiased reviews here to help you make more informed decisions on whether any of the facilities is suitable for you or not depending on the rating given. Besides, you can also learn more about your preferred casino from comments left by other users.


What is the difference between online and land-based casinos?

An Online casino is a platform that allows you to place a wager on outcomes of an event over the internet. Gamblers here play, stake and interact with other players online. You must have an internet connection, an internet enabled device, and a decent browser to access the online gambling platforms. On the other hand, land-based casinos are set up in physical structures which are licensed to house gaming machines and players who wish to gamble. You can play against human opponents or machines depending on the nature of the game that you pick. In some countries, you can even participate in inter-casino competitions which involve opponents from two separate locations.

Best gambling destinations

Which are some of the best land-based casino destinations?

Our team has reviewed the most comfortable and fashionable land-based casinos all over the world. You can check out the nearest casino in your area of residence or one you’re planning to visit in the sections above. Some of the key factors we consider when categorizing these best land-based casinos include user ratings, amenities, hotel booking prices, and games available among others. Nonetheless, Las Vegas is the most popular gambling destination with over 135 land-based casinos.

Finding a land-based casino

How can I find a land-based casino?

You can find a land-based casino by typing the name of the city into the search bar. An all-inclusive list of the land-based casinos will be displayed after which you can select a casino. Alternatively, you can click one of the boxes under the “Most Popular Gambling Cities” or “Casinos by Region” sections. This way, you can check out the user rating of your preferred casino.

Higher bonuses

Between online and land-based casinos, which ones offer higher bonuses?

Online casinos tend to offer higher bonuses to their users compared to their land-based counterparts. The reason behind this is that they are virtual and this helps them to easily attract more players to claim the rewards. However, gifts from online casinos vary from casino to casino. Some award their bonuses upon successful registration while others award their bonuses from the first deposit or first winnings.

Time limits

Are there time limits on land-based casino games and periods?

That depends on each casino. Where the casino operators or gaming facilities are fewer, time limits may be imposed to allow for reorganization, reconfiguration or cleaning of gaming platforms after a game comes to an end. It’s a simple effort to allow for the readiness of the next round. In most cases though, there are no downtimes. You can play at any time especially where the gaming machines are self-driven and require minimal third party input.

Manipulating gaming systems

Can casino owners manipulate gaming systems to cheat their customers?

Yes, they can but such cases are rare. Besides, it’s against the international code of conduct to cheat your customers when running or managing a casino. Casinos use random number generator software to guide the casino owners to arrange their numbers and thereafter audit and publish names of winners. The software undergoes rigorous testing processes to ensure that it’s at par with casino policies and rules governing gambling.

Free games affecting real cash games

If I choose to play a free game, will it affect the outcome of the game when I play for real cash?

There is no need to worry about the outcomes of your previous play as they are in no way related to the results of your future games. Whether you lose or win hundreds of bucks when playing in a casino for fun, the “virtual money” will have no impact on your next games. However, most people often think that they will win large bundles of cash in the real casino as they do in a free casino. It is advisable not to stake extremely high in the real casino as the winnings are not easy as they seem in free games.

Paying first

Am I supposed to pay first to play a land-based casino game?

In most casinos, you must pay first to show your commitment to the event that’s up for wagers. All the same, land based casinos also provide free games usually for purposes of teaching new players how things works. In such a case, payment is unnecessary unless instructed otherwise by casino moderators.

Depositing money

Whom or where do I give the deposit money?

In most casinos, you’ll find a cage cashier who helps you exchange cash for cashier chips (or tokens) and vice-versa. In others such as those dealing slots, there are coin-in-slot machines or even coinless slot machines where you can get your voucher after depositing your money. This is the voucher to use on the gaming floor.

Losing popularity

Are land-based casinos losing popularity as compared to online casinos?

It is correct to say that there has been a surging rise in the online casino popularity due to the increase in mobile devices and readily available improved software features to handle any online casino simulation. However, the traditional casino gives birth to gaming designs that later feed online betting joints. In other words, an online casino is just a map of the traditional casino on a digital platform.