Our Most Recommended Cashback Bonuses

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Published: on Oct 11, 2016

Mr Green Casino
Bonus DescriptionWageringBonus Code
€100 Welcome Bonus and up to 420 Free Spins35-

Published: on Oct 12, 2016

Fruity Casa Casino
Bonus DescriptionWageringBonus Code
150% Welcome Bonus up to €250 + 10 Free Spins35-

Published: on Oct 16, 2016

Betchan Casino
Bonus DescriptionWageringBonus Code
Welcome Bonus: 100% up to €/$100 or 1BTC + 30 Free Spins50-

Published: on Oct 17, 2016

BitStarz Casino
Bonus DescriptionWageringBonus Code
100% Welcome Bonus up to €100 or 1 BTC + 180 Free Spins40-

Published: on Oct 18, 2016

Celtic Casino
Bonus DescriptionWageringBonus Code
50% Cash Back up to €100 during the first week35CASH50

Published: on Oct 20, 2016

Fairway Casino
Bonus DescriptionWageringBonus Code
100% Initial Deposit Bonus up to €10040FW100U100

Published: on Oct 23, 2016

Betspin Casino
Bonus DescriptionWageringBonus Code
200% up to €/$/£50 + 150 Free Spins45BETSPIN1

Published: on Oct 24, 2016

Casino Epoca
Bonus DescriptionWageringBonus Code
100% Initial Deposit Bonus up to $20050-

Published: on Oct 25, 2016

Cherry Casino
Bonus DescriptionWageringBonus Code
20 Free Spins, No Deposit required40-

Published: on Oct 26, 2016

EuroLotto Casino
Bonus DescriptionWageringBonus Code
100% Welcome Bonus up to €10040-

How to Claim a Cash Back Bonus

When applying for a cash back bonus, here are a few simple rules to adhere for you to be successful:

Have an active account. As you’ll find out, many casinos list cash back bonuses as loyalty programs. This means, only players who have deposited money into their accounts at least once, will qualify for the bonus.  In case you have no account, follow these steps:

  1. Click the “Play Now” button on the deal that you like above.
  2. Thereafter, sign up for an account on the casino website that opens (login if you already have an account).
  3. Verify your account if necessary.
  4. Set up the required payment method (e.g. credit card, PayPal).
  5. Deposit money into your account to activate it.

Satisfy the conditions guiding the qualification for a cash back bonus. Usually, online casinos require players to wager once or several times the money they’ve deposited. It’s only after they lose all or a significant portion of their bet money that the online casino chips in. It then compensates you by crediting your account with free money. You can then gamble with the bonus to recover your lost money.

It’s important to take note of the wagering requirements. But what do these requirements entail? Put simply, these are the number of times you’re supposed to bet your bonus before you are allowed to cash in any winnings in that session. As you can imagine, the higher the wagering requirements, the higher the risk and the more returns you are likely to earn if you win.

When claiming your cash back bonus, you might sometimes be asked to provide a bonus code. If that happens, just copy the code provided here and paste it into the bonus code field on the casino website. Note that some of these codes often come with usage guidelines including that they only work on specific days or when you meet specific conditions. However, should you face any difficulties while using any of our bonus codes, contact us as soon as possible and we’ll assist accordingly.

How to Identify The Best Cash Back Bonuses

Online casinos have plenty of terms and conditions that dictate cash back bonus eligibility and it is important for players to understand the requirements and whether they are really beneficial. Here are a couple of aspects to consider when evaluating a cash back bonus.

Frequency of Payments

In some cases rebates are offered on a daily basis while others can be done weekly or monthly.  If you play regularly, the daily plan would be more suitable. Conversely, if you play on weekends the weekly option is a better choice.

Wagering Requirements

The most ideal cash back bonus option for a player would be one that has the least wagering requirements. This makes it easier to withdraw rebates.


As a player, it is more beneficial to be offered a cash back bonus with minimal cash limits. Some casinos may actually give a 100% cash back bonus which means greater winnings for players.

Types of Cash Back Bonuses

Each online casino may have its own version of cash back bonuses, but in general, there are two main types namely;

Cash Back on Net Losses

With this type of bonus, players get to receive a specified percentage back based on the net loss that has been incurred. The losses may be attributed to specific games or over a period of time. If the bonus is based on the losses that have been incurred on a particular game, then, the funds are usually deposited directly into the player's account. If the cash back is time-based, the funds will be awarded once the agreed period has elapsed.

Cash Back on Wagers

This type of bonus is not as common as cash back bonuses on net losses. In this case, the bonus is awarded to players based on the gross amount that they have wagered.  This type of bonus is commonly offered for sports betting which has easier methods to identify gross wagers. Only on rare occasions will this kind of cash back bonus be offered for online casino games.

Other Online Casino Bonuses

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Here are other great online casino bonuses to help you earn cash from casinos. To view more info on any of these bonuses, just click its icon. A page will then open detailing an in-depth coverage on how each works, how to claim it, the best websites for each, and much more. Also, read through our Questions & Answers section below where we provide you with comprehensive answers to some of the common questions we get from other players.

Cash Back Bonus - Questions & Answers

In this section, we provide answers to frequently asked questions on cash back bonuses based on their popularity amongst our readers. Check them out for more information on this valuable casino bonus type.

Cash back bonus

What is a cash back bonus?

A cash back bonus is type of a refund that casinos will offer you based on your total net loss on their games. Most gaming clubs calculate the amount based on a preset percentage of the losses. This can range between 5-25% depending on the terms and conditions enumerated by the casino regarding cash back bonuses.

How a cash back bonus works

How does a cash back bonus work?

There are three approaches on how cash back bonuses work:


Percentage-based on daily losses.

When using this one, a casino calculates your daily losses notwithstanding the games you played and rewards you a proportion of the same. If you lose a total of $500 in a day, you will receive $50 when the casino uses a 10% cash back percentage.


Percentage based on losses on a particular game.

Here, casinos will calculate only the total amount you lost in a particular game. Supposing a casino only gives a 10% cash back bonus on blackjack, then you play both blackjack and baccarat and lose $100 and $200 respectively, you can only claim $10 despite losing a total of $300 that day.


Capped cash back bonus

In this arrangement, the amount of cash back bonus you receive is up to a particular fixed figure. For example, a casino can give 10% cash back bonus but up to $100 daily. So, if you spend $2000 and lose it all, you cannot claim a cash back bonus of $200 but only $100.

Who is eligible

Who is eligible for a cash back bonus?

Eligibility of cash back bonus will vary from one casino to another. However, the rule-of-thumb is that your account balance must be zero. Some casinos only award this bonus to VIP members and other seasoned players. However, many bigger gaming companies grant every player a standard amount on a weekly or monthly basis.

difference between cash back bonus and top up bonus

What is the difference between cash back bonus and top up bonus?

Cash back bonus, like aforesaid, refers to refunds on a percentage of the total loss. On the other hand, a top up bonus is the exact inverse. As such, it refers to the percentage bonus which the casino rewards you after winning specified games or an amount of money. The rate is usually lower in that case, probably 5% or 10%.

Withdraw a cash back bonus

Can I withdraw a cash back bonus?

Although a cash back bonus generally is credited directly to your account, you cannot withdraw it instantly. Most casinos will require you to wager it on the games you lost as you try to redeem your losses. For more info, check out all guidelines set by the chosen casino regarding cash back bonuses to understand their policies.

What should I consider

What should I consider when looking for best cash back bonus deals?

To begin with, the best cash back bonuses do not come with caps. This way, you’re certain of receiving a specified proportion of your total losses irrespective of the amount you spent on gambling. Additionally, consider going for casinos that give daily cash back bonuses.

Denied a cash back bonus

Can I be denied a cash back bonus?

Yes, you can if you do not qualify for the cash back bonus. This can occur when you gamble all of your bonus without winning. In that case, you lose both your deposit money and the bonus. Another scenario is when playing in casinos with a minimum refund policy. If you don’t spend the minimum amount set, you’ll be denied the cash back bonus.

transfer my cash back bonus to another account

Can I transfer my cash back bonus to another account?

No, you cannot. Very few online casinos allow running of multiple accounts to start with. Again, the bonus is for accounts that lose all or a part of their money while wagering. If gaming clubs were to allow transfers, it would increase cases of cheating. CASINOO highly discourages users from operating multiple accounts on one casino.

processing of a cash back bonus

How long does processing of a cash back bonus take?

Most of the casinos we’ve listed above automatically credit your account with a cash back bonus immediately you lose your money while playing. However, some gaming companies delay releasing this money for up to a month.

Common terms used in cash back bonus

What are the common terms used in cash back bonus deals?

  • Percentage

This is the proportion which multiplies the amount you lost in gambling to determine your total cash back bonus claim.

  • Rating

This is the measure of aptness of a player when it comes to receiving a cash back bonus. It could be the number of games played, the amount spent, etc.

  • Frequency

How often can you claim the bonus, e.g., weekly, daily, or monthly.