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What to Expect When Playing in an Asian Land Based Casinos

Just like any other physical gambling venue, Asian casinos are refined buildings created with a primary goal of providing excellent player experience and availing all kinds of entertainment amenities in one roof. Casinos in this region feature not only multiple gaming floors but also have other numerous entertainment sections such as restaurants, bars, hotel facilities and night clubs. For players who like to have all the fun in one place, you can simply walk into one of the casinos listed on our site and enjoy playing your favorite casino game, and then after that join your friends for karaoke night in the nightclub.

Dress Codes

Casino operators in Asia ensure that players adhere to strict dress codes to keep their venues sophisticated and classy. This, however, doesn’t mean you should come with your cocktail attire or avoid your usual evening wear, all you need is to look neat and tidy, and you will be good to go. Different casinos have different stipulations regarding workwear, footwear or exposed tattoos. It is, therefore, very crucial that you check out the dress code of each casino on their website to avoid disappointments once you reach the venue.

Game Options

Asian land based casinos offer a selection of various slot machines as well as other commonly played table games such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette and a range of poker games. Players have a decent selection of games at their disposal in these casinos, but it is uncommon to find a whole section exclusively dedicated to a range of poker games. Some of the new casinos in this continent are also offering electronic games such as Rapid Roulette which provide the same feeling as playing online but within a real casino atmosphere.

Wagering Requirements

The total amount of money to be staked as well as the minimum bet limit in various Asian land based casino depends on the game being played or the venue. Wagering requirements are not streamlined across the board.  All games are played using betting chips whose values range from a couple of dollars to a few more. The least valued table games usually have a buy-in price of $5 to $10, but high rollers can get higher limits by joining the VIP rooms.

On top of the luxurious gambling floors as well as the dining and drinking section, Asian land based casinos offer other services such as coat checks, valet services, car parking, loyalty programs as well as other promotional offers. Players can enjoy this wide range of services in any of the casinos listed on our site.

Which are The Best Gambling Locations in Asia?

Although the social and legal status of land based casino is varied from one country to the next, there are specific places in Asia which have been singled out as the most alluring gambling destinations. At CasinoLineup, we have looked at the different land based casinos in Asia and provided a detailed overview of some of the famous gaming cities, states and countries.


Despite being seen as a less attractive gambling destination, this island paradise has expanded tremendously even to surpass the likes of Las Vegas. This forgotten former Portuguese colony was a familiar territory in the 1500s due to its pivotal role in raw silk, silver, and copper trade. The prosperity went up till the mid-1600s when it started to plummet. No one ever thought this region would experience another financial success. However, its success story was repeated in the mid-20th century after the legalization of gambling. New land based casinos were established making the region a one stop destination for all sorts of entertainment.

Currently, the area boasts of a dozen of high-end casinos that have everything a player would wish for from excellent amenities to a wide range of games. According to recent gambling revenue collection report, Macau has overtaken Las Vegas to become the most successful gaming destination in the world.


Following the footsteps of Macau to become a top casino destination is Singapore. While Vegas boasts of a wide range of land-based casinos, Singapore is renowned for having the best of the best. Singapore has emerged as a top tier in the world’s top gambling destinations due to its entire focus on the quality of casinos other than quality. Despite the region having a countable number of casinos, the quality of its betting venues has enabled it to go head to head and compete with Vegas as whole as well as Macau, two regions that are known have a  vast variety of online casinos.

The casinos present in Singapore are first-class in every manner. If you are looking for authentic gaming experience accompanied by surplus entertainment, then you ought to visits this destination. The casino buildings feature modern architecture and players have the chance to be served by uniformed staffs who are experienced in handling all games that range from traditional titles to recent games.

South Korea

Another Asian Casino hotspot is South Korea. Despite the fact that citizens of this country are not allowed engage in gambling activities in any of the Country’s Casinos except one, this destination has much to offer to risk takers. South Korea has plenty of betting hubs most of which are aimed at foreigners. Many of these Casinos are located on the island of Cheju as well as the Region around Seoul. The Vibrant casinos in this region are housed in modern state-of-the-art facilities and provide players with generous gifts for any real money play.

If you are looking for a land based casino that will immerse you in a haven of peace and tranquility, then you better check out what South Korea has to offer.

Kuala Lumpur

Another attractive location for gambling enthusiasts is Kuala Lumpur.  This location houses one of the only legal land-based casinos in the whole of Malaysia. Nestled in the Hills of Malaysia, this capital acts as one of the most favorite gambling destination in this region. There are several first-class casinos in this area such as Hilltop Complex which has numerous event centers, hotels, restaurants and the biggest Malaysian theme park.

Security in Asian Casinos

Safety is of utmost importance when it comes to betting venues. Land based casinos have greater security risks since they handle a lot of cash on daily basis. A significant amount of land based casinos revenue is used to beef up safety and make the systems robust.

There are various measures undertaken to ensure that casino is free from theft, scam or intrusion. Security in Asian casinos begins at the entrance where several employees are vested with the responsibility of ensuring that everyone entering the casino is not suspicious. There are also other staffs that have their eyes set on the game to make sure that players don’t cheat or use additional help. The casino's dealers are also highly experienced and can handle the game and still keep their eyes on the players.

The casinos in this region have also integrated their security system with modern tech devices such as the Eye in the Sky, a surveillance system that helps the security team to watch players on the table from every corner. With the aid of monitoring systems, staffs, can monitor and detect any suspicious players. Also if a problem is discovered later, they can go through surveillance video recordings to look for instances of malpractice or cheating.

Although Asia is considered to have the strictest rules and regulations when it comes to gambling, it is surprising that it is the home to some of the best land-based casinos in the world. As one of the finest casinos destination in the world, land-based casinos in this region have gone beyond the expectations of many to provide players with outstanding gaming experience in luxurious and perfectly crafted venues which are complemented by exceptional and high-quality games. With Asian casinos boasting of upward growth in their games selection and variety, players can enjoy a broad range of titles from classics to modern machines that come with the latest generation hardware.