Recommended Casinos in Africa


We are aware that the Latin American and the Asian casino markets are booming, and the North American, European, and Australasian markets are already well known. However, when it comes to the African Casino industry, we have a real dark horse considering that much of what is evident just happened in the past few years. African land based casinos are not as vibrant as those in other parts of the world, but there is still a good number of them. Several countries have gaming casinos as well as pari-mutuel facilities that offer slots & video poker games, as well as horse and dog racing.

The most developed casino market regarding size and the number of land-based resorts is South Africa. The country boasts of having robust gaming venues which offer table games, slot machines, video poker and other gaming facilities including sports betting and lottery venues. It is important to understand that despite Africa hosting a broad array of land based casinos, they are not evenly distributed across the continent. Many parts of North Africa don’t allow gambling due to the strict religious beliefs. However, you will still find some small forms of gambling for tourists. The regime changes and the violent uprisings in some North African countries such a Tunisia have made investors and tourist confidence plummet and even made some of the casinos present close down.

Popular Gambling Nations in Africa

Not all countries in Africa have land-based casinos. Also, the number of land-based casinos, their quality and legality differ from one country to the other. Some countries have an extensive list of casinos while others just have a few. Some have abolished gambling while others have legalized it and instituted strict regulations.

South Africa

South Africa takes pride of being a robust and the most favorite gambling destination in Africa. The land-based casino industry in this country is considered by the government to be in close connection with the tourism sector. In fact, most of the highly valued resort venues in South Africa are located near some of the popular tourist destinations. Several forms of betting have existed in this country for a long time, but the government started developing the casino industry a few years ago.

Currently, South Africa has more than 30 casino resorts, and the number is bound to increase since more casinos are being constructed in different provinces. Besides providing casino games and various gaming facilities, casino resorts in this country offer all intricacies that tourist ought to enjoy, from hotels, bars restaurants, swimming pools and accommodation. Depending on the games variety, the location, and quality of the casino, these venues offer an excellent experience that each player ought to remember.

Gambling in land based casinos is legal in South Africa provided the operator is licensed. This is the main reason as to why the industry has thrived and became a significant contributor to the economy. The casino does not only employ hundreds of local citizens but also act as a rigid pillar of attracting tourists. There have been various legal legislations created with a primary aim of reaping maximum benefits from land-based casinos while at the same time protect the players.


Egypt is another one of the few countries in Africa where gambling is legal. The country whose success dates to several decades ago is the second largest casino destination in Africa. The country boasts of more than 26 authentic casino resorts located in different parts of the country. The casinos in this country offer first-class gaming essentials with their architecture and surroundings providing ample gaming environment. Players have the chance to play various types of games in these casinos from Blackjack and Roulette versions to newer games such as Texas Hold’em Poker.

Egypt’s popularity as a gambling destination is not only because of its casino resorts but also because of the beautiful surrounding which reincarnates a historic holiday atmosphere. If you are looking for a thrilling gaming destination, check out our Egypt Casinos list and head to Egypt for an incredible casino experience.


Although Botswana is not a renowned country in Africa, it has a comprehensive and robust casino resorts industry which earns a considerable amount of revenue for the government. Botswana has more than ten land-based casinos where players can enjoy their favorite games in a peaceful and ample environment. The casino laws are not that strict in this country, but the government has been making significant strides in efforts to streamline them.

Playing in Botswana’s land based casino is safe since the government has instituted stringent rules that guarantee total security. To run a casino, operators must be fully licensed, and as a way of preventing underage gambling, a gambler must be 18 years and above. Most casinos are located in Gaborone which is the capital of Botswana. Gambling enthusiast can wager on some favorite games from classic slots, video slots or table and poker games in any of the gaming venues in this country.


Unlike most countries in Africa, laws governing the gambling industry in Kenya are clear cut and more direct. Rather than terming betting as a vice, the government of Kenya has established measures that aim at regulating the casino industry while at the same time promoting licensed gaming operations as a legitimate pastime. The majority of the Land based casinos in Kenya form part of the favorite destination resorts which are suitable for both tourist and business conference attendees. The casinos in this country are apt with modern conveniences which are complemented by the breathtaking natural surroundings.

The casinos play a vital role in attracting a great number of vacationers who set out on an African safari to come and see the vast array of exotic wildlife in Kenya. The country boasts of more than 15 casinos which have state-of-the-art gaming facilities as well as other entertainment intricacies. Many of the casinos are located in the cities of Mombasa and Nairobi. All Kenyan casinos offer friendly services and various popular games in slots and table games are also available. Some of the favorite casino resorts are accompanied by food services, bars, restaurants and sometimes lavish lifestyle for the convenience of players.


Thanks to the well-regulated, taxed and licensed land casino industry in Mauritius, the country boasts of a broad variety of casino resorts which provide a wide array of video poker machines, card games, slot machine games and table games. Some of the renowned land-based casinos offer 24/7 services, while others only operate for limited hours per day with their favorite games being Oasis Poker, American Roulette, and Blackjack.

The Mauritius land-based casino industry takes into account important things like responsible gambling, fair play, and prevention of problem gambling thanks to the Gambling Regulatory Authority Act that was implemented in 2007. The law governs all forms of gambling in the country from casino betting, horse betting, interactive betting and casino betting. The government of Mauritius has so far licensed nine casino resorts with the largest of them being the Caudan Waterfront Casino.


One African country where casino gaming is making in-roads is Nigeria. Land-based gambling and lotteries are legal in Nigeria and according to the Report by The Gambling Outlook 2013-2017; Nigeria shows a 16% growth of the gaming industry. The country only has two to three casinos, but the lottery which was launched in 2004 proved to be very successful.

The Criminal Code Act which was implemented in 1990 elaborates various issues that relate to casino resort gambling. For example, it is illegal to play games such as Roulette, card games and some dice games that are not considered to be games of skills. There are only two licensed casino resorts in Nigeria, but they are equipped with all intricacies present in a full casino from restaurants, casino floors, bars, and hotels.


After gaining its independence in 1990, Namibia saw its first law concerning gambling in 1994 through the Casinos and Gambling House Act. The act commenced the legalization of gambling houses and casinos and established a board to oversee gambling operations and licensing of operators. However, the country witnessed rapid growth in gambling activities to an extent where the government decided to lift all gaming houses licenses in 1996 in what was called a 10-year moratorium. After this regulation, illegal gambling gained momentum, and since then, the government has been trying to eliminate them.

The 10-year moratorium ended in 2006, but no casino resort has opened since then. However, there are three licensed land-based casinos in Namibia offering first-class services to both local players and visitors.

Further destinations that also have some appealing land-based casinos include Uganda, Tanzania and several other destinations.